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All investment decisions are overseen by the firm's three member investment committee, a team of individuals with more than 50 years of combined financial experience. Jeff Hays, Keith Hays, and Mark Dodson manage portfolios using a team approach. Hays Advisory's asset management process relies on a proprietary model developed and implemented by a team of dedicated professionals.

Jeff Hays - Hays Advisory  

Jeff Hays
Jeff's career in the financial industry spans over 20 years, where he first gained experience as a financial advisor with Wheat First Securities in Nashville, TN.

When Jeff and his partners launched the first Hays Advisory portfolio in 1998, they decided to take an "out of the box" approach that focused on managing client emotions through a risk management process. This risk management approach resonated with investors, and under Jeff's leadership as president of the firm, Hays Advisory grew from a few million dollars under management to over a billion dollars under care over the next few years. 

After 14 years as firm president, Jeff recently decided to transition out of this role to free up time to develop and market more innovative investment products. In addition to the time spent driving innovation for the firm, Jeff serves as a member of the firm's Investment Committee, providing oversight to the Portfolio Management team that manages Hays' various investment products. Finally, Jeff is regularly featured as a speaker at conferences and other industry events that focus on tactical money management. 

Keith Hays - Hays Advisory  

Keith Hays
Keith Hays, a 23-year market veteran, serves as the President of Hays Advisory and as the co-portfolio manager for all portfolios under Hays Advisory's advisement.  His responsibilities include implementing the Hays process for individual stock portfolios, International and Global ETF portfolios, as well as all Hays' Multi-Asset Class investments.

In addition to his portfolio management duties, Keith publishes weekly market research reports for Hays Advisory money management clients, providing perspective on Hays' unique philosophy and investment approach.

Mark Dodson, CFA - Hays Advisory  

Mark Dodson, CFA
As Director of Research, Mark Dodson runs the firm's quantitative models and processes, and was responsible for the development of Hays Advisory's portfolio strategies. Mark is a member of the Investment Committee, and is co-portfolio manager, along with Keith Hays, of all Equity and ETF portfolios under Hays Advisory's advisement. Mark joined Hays Advisory in 2001. Prior to joining the firm, he served as a portfolio manager and research analyst for a micro-cap value hedge fund.

In addition to portfolio management, Mark's role includes the oversight of data supporting the firm's models and inputs, the search, development, and implementation of new indicators, and the creation of special market studies and reports. Mark's contributions and research have resulted in significant additions to the firm's strategy and indicators, including the formulation of Hays Advisory's relative strength and relative valuation rankings, and substantial enhancements and expansion to Hays' Monetary, Valuation & Psychology composites. Mark and his work have appeared in Barron's, CBS MarketWatch, Bloomberg,, and similar publications; his unique work on the presidential election cycle received recognition in a recently published investment book.

Mark is a CFA charter-holder and member of the CFA Institute, and has served as President of the CFA Society of Nashville.



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