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Individual       365 days 


The Individual Subscription to provides subscribers with the following reports. Hays Advisory generally releases these reports according to the described schedule,

but occasionally a holiday or other unusual circumstance may cause a variance. 


Hays Market Indicators - Daily

60+ market indicators updated each day.


Hays World Wrap - Mondays

Summary of the previous week's investment scene from asset classes, bonds, commodities, real estate, and international equities, along with US sectors and styles.


Hays Market Outlook - Thursdays

An update on relevant issues in the stock market.  Includes a current summary of Psychology, Monetary & Valuation.  Contains a market update, as well as a key indicator chart section.

Hays Sector Survey - Monthly
Once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month. A summary of our current proprietary sector rankings, including charts and written update. 


Topical Reports - As Needed

Special insights when needed at market bottoms, tops, world events or special topics on the economy, bonds or stocks.

The annual subscription fee is not negotiable and is paid yearly in the advance of publication. There is no early cancellation/refund policy. Subscribers are opted into an auto-renewal process for future renewals. Subscribers can contact us to be opted out of auto-renewals. 



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