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Hays Advisory manages a variety of equity and ETF portfolios that employ our disciplined approach, each directed by our proprietary asset allocation model. Hays Advisory's strategy is to take advantage of opportunities at major market turning points. Because market expectations are often wrong at or near these turning points, emotional decision-making can lead to investor underperformance. Using our Tactical Asset Allocation Model, Hays' strategy attempts to remove emotion from the investment process. Hays Advisory's quantitative model incorporates numerous factors such as investor sentiment, economic influences, and market valuations. Combined with proprietary market trend analysis, these inputs determine the appropriate exposure to equities, bonds, and cash.

Hays Advisory manages equity portfolios that employ our tactical overlay and allow a client to select a portfolio with constraints aligned with their risk tolerance, long term goals, and personality. The more conservative the client, the lower the portfolio's allocation to stocks. The managed ETF portfolios can also raise cash and target exposure to the top performing ETFs in developed and emerging markets globally.

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