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Market Outlook
  • Price trends intact, but international equities are deteriorating rapidly, and commodities are vulnerable to an imminent change in trend.
  • Investor psychology improves modestly.
  • Monetary conditions unchanged but flat yield curve, widening credit spreads, and PPI inflation are leaving the composite vulnerable.
  • Charting Trends
    • The spring break in US and Intl Equity prices
    • Mixed signals on the trend for inflation
    • Russia dumps US Treasuries
    • Ratio of High Yield to Investment Grade spreads lowest since 09.
    • US equity market is 2nd most expensive in the world
    • Spread between valuations in Growth to Value widest since 2000.
    • Lesson in human behavior
    • Productivity at all time lows
    • Brexit has been bad for growth.



+ Hays Advisory manages US Equity, Global/International ETF, and Multi-Asset Class portfolios.
+ Our Tactical Asset Allocation Model attempts to remove emotions from the investment process.
+ We are disciplined but not static, with the ability to raise cash.
+ Our strategy is designed to take advantage of opportunities at major market turning points.


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